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5 Outfits to Wear When Breast Feeding

5 Outfits to Wear When Breast Feeding
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In honor of Mother's Day, we’re spending a little extra time focusing on mom's this month. Moms are so important to us here and we wanted to address one of the biggest concerns we hear expressed, specifically new moms. The question of, “What do I wear while I’m breastfeeding?”
We hear a lot of new moms telling us they want to dress cute and stylish but still be practical all while not wanting to spend a lot of extra money on clothes that are just for nursing, but pieces that you can still wear after nursing. 

For this blog, I got my dear friend and breastfeeding momma, Anna, to come model a few outfits for us! She looked stunning in everything!! Anna is a new mom to beautiful twin girls: Esme and Eilee. She also has her own business making stunning macrame, check her out on Instagram at @strand.of.thought
Here are 5 outfit ideas for nursing moms
The Wrap Dress
Wrap dresses are very on trend right now and can be found in so many different styles, colors, and prints. They are perfect for breastfeeding because it provides easy access for nursing while still looking stylish! These dresses are perfect if you have an event coming up like a graduation, summer wedding, or baby/bridal shower.
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Kimonos are great for spring and summer because they add an extra layer while still being lightweight enough when it gets hot later in the day. Pair with a v-neck tank for a casual easy outfit. Kimonos are versatile, stylish, and an easy layering piece for any busy mom and can also double as a coverup while nursing!
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Button ups
Button ups are another great option for nursing moms because they provide easy access while still allowing you to be stylish and put together (even if you haven’t showered for 4 days, don’t worry, we won’t tell) ;) This is a great business casual look for work and the peplum style of this top, in particular, helps to camouflage that postpartum tummy!
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Off The Shoulder Tops & Dresses
Off the shoulder tops & dresses are very popular this season and are a great option for breastfeeding moms. This is a great look because it can still be worn after you’re done nursing. They provide easy access and can be easily pulled down for nursing or used for a coverup.
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Criss Cross Front Top
This is a popular style top and again is perfect for dressing up or down. The crossed front allows for quick access to nurse or pump. We love this one with its fun pattern and buttery soft fabric!
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We hope you enjoyed these outfits you can wear while breastfeeding. We would love to hear from you! What do you like to wear while nursing? What fashion advice do you have for breastfeeding moms? Let us know in the comments! 
Until next time,
Kacie 💖


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