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Frequently Asked Questions

What does 'Final Sale' mean?

If an item is an accessory (this means anything that acts as an accessory to your fab outfit: jewelry, socks, handbags, headbands, undergarments - you get the point ;)), and sale or clearance items cannot be returned or exchanged. These items will also be highlighted on your invoice. Store credit or a refund will not be issued for any returned 'Final Sale' items. For more information, please see our return policy.

What is your return policy?

It’s your lucky day, we have that right here for you: Return Policy 

I’ve received a damaged/wrong item, now what?

Oh no!! That’s it, we’re firing our official clothing checker over. Wait, I just made that up. But seriously though, we are so sorry and will do everything we can to make things right with you! Please send us an email right away to or give us a call at (605) 334-3983 and we will take care of everything.

How do I return something?

Ahhh shoot! We’re sorry your item(s) didn’t work out perfectly like we would have hoped! Making a return is super simple! Just ship your items back to us and the day we receive your returns we will shoot you over an email with your gift card code to use on a future purchase. 

How do I track my order?

Your order confirmation email also contained your tracking number! Plug-n’-chug that into USPS and you’ll know right where your package is! Insert USPS Tracking # here

I didn’t mean to send that thing to that place, how do I change the shipping address?

Unfortunately, once your package leaves our custody, we are legally not able to intercept it and change the shipping address.

Have you moved recently? Not used PayPal in a while? Double check that shipping address just-for-kicks. Our boutique babes are super diligent about getting your package out ASAP but, send us an email to or call us at (605) 334-3983 during store hours the moment you notice the mistake and we’ll see if your goods are still with us and get that addy corrected!

Will you be getting ______ back in stock?

We try our very best to get all high demand items back in stock. Make sure to check back daily with us! To be notified when an item is back in stock, just enter your email in the box titled "item out of stock - notify me!" on that specific item's page.

What is a personal styling session?

A styling session gives you the opportunity to have one-on-one time with our in store stylists, and let them help you find clothes that fit your style and body. All we have you do is book a session and take a quick quiz, and then we do the rest! If you're interested in learning more, check out our page here.

Can I use more than one coupon on my order?

The big bad coupon man does not allow this. He also doesn’t allow them to be used on sale items. Sad face.

Can I change my order?

We’ll do everything we can to assist you with any changes to your order before it leaves the store. Our fabulous boutique babes are super speedy when it comes getting your items to you, so make sure to call us right away at (605) 334-3983 during store hours, or shoot us a facebook message or email, with any questions you may have. You can email us at or send us a message on our Facebook page here

Do you ship to PO Boxes?

We sure do! PO Boxes, highways, avenues, lanes and streets are all acceptable. The muffin man on Drury Lane is off limits - North Pole? Maybe, we can try...

Can I return an item to the store?

Absolutely! Come on down and see us! We’ll be happy to see your lovely face and help you with a return. :) We are located at 220 S Phillips Avenue. Get directions to our store here!

Do you ship internationally?

Not yet! As Chelsea’s grows, we are definitely looking more into it! Currently, we do not ship abroad, but in the future, we hope to expand internationally. So stay tuned!

How long does it take to process my return?

Depends, how fast can you take your cute little butt down to the post office and get it mailed back to us? ;) The day we receive your return package, we will notify you via email with a gift card code to be used on your next purchase. Please be sure you are aware of our return policy before you begin the process. :) Don't remember what our return policy is? Here it is!: Return Policy

What’s so cool about having an account?
I think the real question is: What’s NOT cool about it?
-Faster checkouts: your shipping/billing address are saved so your items are delivered even faster.
-Special sales: who doesn't love a good sale, amirite? We hold special sales just for our awesome account holders!
-New arrivals notifications: you’ll get notified of new arrivals FIRST making sure you get the best items before they’re gone!
-General awesomeness: isn’t that an explanation in and out of itself, you beautiful person you.
-Faster returns: got a return to make? Lose your invoice? No problemo! With an account, log in, and the return form will be automatically filled out for you!

What’s with this tax thing?

Our lovely state of South Dakota has sales taxes on clothing and we carry that policy throughout all orders. I know, we dislike it too. Stupid rules.

How do I get updates on new arrivals, first-to-know sales, and generally awesome news?

Glad you asked! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to ensure that you stay up-to-date on everything we have to offer you! From new arrivals to sales, to our fashion blog tips and tricks!

Do you offer gift-wrapping?

At this time, we do not offer gift-wrapping, but check back with us near the Holiday Season!

Where do you find your clothes?

We work with designers from all over the country to bring you trendy, runway-inspired looks at affordable prices. Did you know you can even attend market with us and be the buyer? Just follow us on Instagram to help us choose which items to order!

Still not sure, need to know more or just want to hear our lovely voice?

Call us at (605) 334-3983 or contact us via email at

Who is Chelsea’s?

Chelsea’s Boutique is a beautiful women’s clothing store ran and operated by a tight-knit boutique family that believes that donuts are a food group, cat memes are the way of the future and life can be described with emojis. 

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex and Chelsea’s online gift cards. We do not accept the following: checks, cash, money order, uncut gemstones or broken promises.

Questions about CC processing and accounts - can refer to TOS -

How do you #empower women?

Glad you asked! Empowering women is our fav! You can see everything we’re doing to empower beautiful women, just like you, on our #thisisourwhy page. Check it out here! #Thisisourwhy

Are you guys hiring?

Depends. Do you like macaroons, dancing like a complete idiot and trying on fabulous clothes until you’ve worked up a sweat? YOU’RE HIRED! JK- if only it were that simple, right? If you’re interested in an employment opportunity, check out our Careers page to find any current openings. Even if we don’t a position open at the time of contact, we do keep applications on file for any future openings.