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This Is Our Why

More Than Just Clothes

When Chelsea first opened Chelsea’s Boutique in 2009, her goal was to empower women and make them feel comfortable in their own skin. Chelsea’s has always been about more than just clothes. Clothing is a tool that can help women feel confident and empowered within.
Throughout the years, the goal and mission of empowering women has grown. A big dream of Chelsea’s is to one day start her own non-profit. After working together as a team to figure out how we could use our new, bigger space to work towards our big picture charity goal, the #thisisourwhy mantra was born.

Empowerment Events

Chelsea's also hosts a monthly empowering event where we meet with like-minded women in the community. We put on different workshops, empowering exercises, and lead inspirational conversations. Profits from the events go directly to our featured charity of the month.
If you have a local non-profit you would like to nominate to be our Charity of the Month, check out our contact page and send us a message! We’d love to hear from you!

Charity of The Year

Every year we pick one local charity that specializes in helping the women and children in our community and feature them as our “Charity of the Month.” We promote the chosen non-profit in store, through our blog, and via our social media platforms. Our customers have the opportunity to donate money in $5 increments, and we then match the donation by giving them a Chelsea’s gift card in exchange.



2020's Featured Charity:

A Different Kind of Lifeguard was founded by our very own Jill Furan Turbak. The mission is: A Different Kind of Lifeguard is an awareness and advocacy organization focused on mental health and suicide prevention. It is a nonprofit organization aimed at reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness, self-injury, and suicide. During 2020, the money raised from our Empowerment Events and from our Give $5, Get $5 contribution will go directly to A Different Kind of Lifeguard.